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Discussion in 'Sako triggers, mounts and peep sights etc.' started by lhsako, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. lhsako

    lhsako New Member

    i'm the proud owner of a finnbear as of yesterday. the trigger needs help! any help w/ diagrams,tips,etc. will be greatly appreciated....thanks
  2. S-A

    S-A Super Moderator

    Post moved to "Triggers" You may want to check that section out.
  3. bloorooster

    bloorooster Moderator

    Congratulations on the new Finnbear Ihsako, and help is on the way on your trigger problems, Tell us more about this fine new rifle, what Caliber?-Bloo
  4. stonecreek

    stonecreek Active Member

    You can find detailed adjustment instructions in the Sako owner's manual for that era which you can find on the Sako website (link on this page). The triggers were identical ("Sako #4") on everything starting with the L461 up through the mid-A-V's.

    You can also find more comments, details, and tips on adjusting the trigger in numerous threads already posted in this section.
  5. lhsako

    lhsako New Member

    i'll look around and go to the link. thanks bloo and sc. i'm sensing that u guys are,like me, gun nuts of the nuttiest sort! it's a .300 win mag. the previous onwner glass beded/ free floated. it has a muzzle brake. never had one on a rifle before. we'll see. will post load i'll be working on in the loads section.

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