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finnbear aftermarket stocks

Discussion in 'Sako Long/Magnum Actions' started by info, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. info

    info Member

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    can anyone suggest replacement stock (synthetic) for L61R Sako Finnbear in 7mm rem mag
    understand McMillan can supply are they good replacements
  2. stonecreek

    stonecreek Active Member

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    US Texas
    McMillan has a good reputation; they are also somewhat pricey.

    To my knowledge, Bell and Carlson now only makes a stock for the A-V. It will will fit an L61R or A-III, but the tang cut is longer and will require filling. I think that Wookie who posts here on the forum did that with a synthetic A-V stock a while back and posted pictures of his results, which looked very nice.

    I'm sure there are probably a couple of other companies offering synthetic replacements. Perhaps some other forum members can cite them for you.
  3. rowdy

    rowdy Well-Known Member

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    CA Nova Scotia
    Hi Info,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    For stocks the ones I know of are, (in no particular order):

    1. Mcmillan ( as mentioned above) they are distributed here in the UK by Jacksons. www.jacksonrifles.com , They are helpful and would be worth a call.
    2. Robertson Composites. Canadian and known for benchrest stocks, might be worth a call? They are also represented here in the UK by Jackson as above.
    3. Manners Stocks, They do Tikka Stocks in the US don't know about our guns. try www.mannerstocks.com I don't know who covers them here in the UK.
    4. Staffordshire Stocks. Based here in the UK, they do Composite stocks, www.staffs-synthetic.co.uk

    I'm partial to wood myself, so have not used any of the companies above; so cannot comment on quality of their products or their service histories. I also don't know if they inlet for the L61R, but as usual it might be worth a call.

    That said the first three have very good international reputations and the fourth I know only from seeing them here in the UK.

    Good luck with getting a stock, and as always please post a picture. Before and after shots are great and much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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