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    Hi there, I recently bought a Sako actioned rifle in 264 Win. mag, I do not know the contour, but the barrel is .900" at the end of the stock. I am going to replace the stock as the previous owner decided to hog out enough wood to make the edges of the barrel channel less than 1/8" thick. On the side of the action it says "Sako AV L579xxxx" So my question is, which action is it? The L579 action is only for short action rounds, i.e. 308, I thought. Bell and Carlson makes a stock for both so that will be where I go with it, but I don't know which one I need. Any help would be great
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    Please take close up photos of the markings and post them on this website. I've never heard of such a thing. Could it be "AII L579" vice the AV ? This is more believable than the AV L579. You have sparked my curiosity on this one.

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    You have the A-V (A-5) action. It appears that the serial number happens to begin with 579. I suspect you have one too many X's in your X-d out serial number.

    The barrel is a replacement. Sako made no .264's on the A-V action. The last of the .264's came well before Garcia and were on the L61R action. If the stock is otherwise in good shape, you might consider rebedding it with brown bedding material to get rid of the unsightly barrel gap.
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    You are correct sir, I am, unfortunately, an idiot. There is no "L", just Sako AV 579xxx. The barrel is in fact a replacement as it is 27 1/2" long and stainless. The stock is beautiful, however it already has split a small amount, as the sides of the forend are less than 1/8" thick. I did refinish the stock with tung oil and it looks really nice, but nice doesn't get it in Oregon's blacktail weather. I am just going to keep it in the safe and hunt with the synthetic. I figure I am only into the rifle for $450, so I am not really worried about appearances. Thank you very much for the help.

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    Your long-barreled .264 should make a super reach-out-and-touch-them deer gun. I like extremely slow powders in a .264 and have had great luck with 140 grain Nosler Partitions. Their newer 130 gr. Accubond should make a wonderful blacktail bullet, also. Try AA8700 or Hodgdon's US869 in your gun.

    Sounds like your barrel is a heavier contour than factory, so you may have to do a little barrel channel work on a synthetic stock, but the result should be well worth the money and effort.

    If you were to full-length bed your wood stock that should negate the problem with the fore end cracking. You might want to think about that.
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    You know I was going to take a picture until I realized that I am an idiot. It actually is Sako AV 579xxx, my mistake. Thanks for the help though.

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