Colt rifles with Sako action

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  1. hardball

    hardball New Member

    About what years were the Colts made using Sako actions. Were the rifle barrels also Sako, or Colt made?
    I have a .223 Coltsman rifle, and a .243 Forrester with Bofors marked barrel. Have had several Sakos through the years.
  2. gewehr

    gewehr New Member

    I thought those were JP Sauer 90 actions. W. Ger. Interesting Colt, must have moved around quite a bit looking for vendors.
  3. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    Hardball- The Coltsman rifles were produced from 1957 thru 1965. Sako actions were utilized depending on the model in question.Fn Mauser actions were used for some of the early ones, 1961 or older. The L57 and the L579 were prevalent. L46s and L461s were also popular. I think High Standard was the barrel maker for many of them. The "Biggest Hit" was the Colt Sauer Rifle featuring the model 90 actions from JP Sauer and Sons. Sako had nothing to do with that one. Regards, Misako
  4. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    I'm not certain as to the origin of the barrels used on the Colt-Sakos, but the one I owned (L61R in .30-06) seemed to have the identical stock and barrel contour as a regular contemporary Sako, so my guess is that Colt used a Sako barreled action (and possibly Sako stock) on at least some of them. It seems that in the ones I've run across, the older L46 and L57 guns appeared to have non-Sako stocks and barrels, while the newer L461, L579, and L61Rs appeared to have Sako-made stocks and barrels. There may have been some mix and match going on, depending on the time frame and available suppliers.
  5. hardball

    hardball New Member

    I will ask John Stimson about the HS barrel possibility. This .223 barrel is very good and has an interesting adjustable front sight. The stock is very plain. A light color and not even finished real well. The "Vixen" type action and the rest of the metal is superb. I have only seen one other like it, a 30-06.

    OH! I looked a little deeper on the forum and found a better room for this question on Colt/Sako. There the refered to Colt on Guns America is just like my .223.
  6. hardball

    hardball New Member

    An interesting find on the internet from GunBroker forum dated 2003.
    Hardball (aka Rem725, but I lost this old info long ago. Of course I found it right after I signed as Hardball)

  7. hayseed51

    hayseed51 New Member

    Thanks for the informative link Hardball. Probably not necessary to quote it as well. I've taken the liberty of moving the thread to 'other rifles built on Sako actions' catagory so someone can easier find the info at a later date. Dick
  8. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    There is currently a Coltsman Deluxe .222 for sale on Gunbroker. It is on an L46 action and has a barrel stamped "Bofors Steel". The only way that it varies from other Sakos of the era is in the Colt markings and by having a "European" type taper to the rear of the Monte Carlo comb. This "Euro"-looking stock makes me think that it, too, came from Sako.
  9. bsmith

    bsmith Member

    I'm curious how might the .222 Coltsman's Sako Deluxe cousin (in equivalent condition and vintage) compare in terms of collectability, particularly at $1,400?
  10. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    Hardball and Stonecreek- All I can answer any of the remaining questions with are from personal experience in ownership and visualization first hand. I have owned the L57 Coltsman and the L579 coltsman and I have handled the Kodiak Grizzly and the Wards Sako in L57. I currently own a Kodiak Grizzly ("Cub"- as one of our members named it. ) None of these stocks were remindful of a Sako made or Sako checkered stock. The finish was light lacquer and possibly shellac in two instances. The barrels on the L57 were not matches in profile to the Sakos. The L579 and the L461 were matches and carried a bofors mark. The L579 stock came the closest in configuration except for checkering pattern and recoil crossbolt. Sako rifles are easy to spot up close. These were not produced by sako. It is good to see a relative condensation of the Coltsman History. It puts much in perspective. The only real reference material I have looked at is two Gun Traders Guides. Frankly, they didn't do too bad considering there are several hundred guns to keep order with in the pages. - Best, Mike
  11. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    Bsmith- The last time I saw one of these sold anywhere was over three yrs ago. One sale recently fell thru and now this one is on. Iwould think a "full Sako" would sooner sell at the highest dollar amounts. That isn't saying much, however.- Mike

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