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  1. sws1213

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    Ok guys here's the dumbest question of the new year from a novice member. After cleaning my finnbear .270 I cant make the bolt seat into the action of the gun. On examining the bolt, I find that the firing pin is protruding through the bolt face and I assume this is the problem. I'm not sure how it happened or how to fix the problem. Any suggestions?
  2. douglastwo

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    Sounds like the rear section of your bolt got rotated about a 1/4 turn while it was out for cleaning, and thus it's now in the fired position. When you raised the bolt to remove it, it cocks the bolt and somehow the rear section got turned while you had it out and it's now in the fired position and it will not go all the way into the receiver. Get you some leather gloves where you can grip each section of the bolt and turn the rear section about 1/4 turn to put it back in the cocked position, and then it should slip right in and be ready to go. It'll be hard to rotate. If you have another Sako, remove the bolt and compare the two to see what the cocked position looks like. Because I'm only familiar with the pre-72 models, these comments apply to just the pre72. Also, if you have the proper hang tag for the pre72 just follow the bolt disassembly instructions on the hang tag.
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    sws. Yes the firing pin is in the fired position.Get a piece of hard wood 1"x1"x3" will do,place an edge against the firing pin cocking piece ,hold the bolt firmly and pull rearward against the spring and rotate clockwise.the firing pin cocking piece should go into the shallow recess . If you go too far rotating clockwise the firing pin assembly will be released from the bolt. Why are these things so hard to explain. Good luck. Jim, Hope this helps
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    Hello gunner620/douglastwo...

    I was cleaning my L61R after a succesful deer hunt today and have the same problem as sws and can't get it to turn by hand using either explanation. Are we possibly using a vise to hold the 1"x1"x3" or ???

    I hate to ask for further details but my hands are raw. Thanks in advance.

  5. sws1213

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    Thanks guys. I'll give that a shot and see if I can get it back rotated.
  6. gunner620

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    burnsy,congrats on the hunt,and sws hope you are having luck.It is not a hard task once you do this a time or two.It would certainly be easier to show you than to explain.You could use the vise to hold the wood and then push against it with cocking piece.The key is that the firing pin spring has to be compressed and the cocking piece rotated.You will notice an angular area in the bolt ,this is where cocking occurs normally when the bolt handle is lifted.Don't go at too hard you may scar something . Maybe someone else can explain better,or perhaps you have a gunsmith locally you could ask for advice. Normal disassembly of the bolt (firing pin assembly removal is discussed in the manual) Look at links of interest, Sako web site click on it,once there go to old models look on the left side of the page click on L61 and the manual will be available for review.But remember this is not the situation you now have. This is what will help the next time for routine maintenance, Best Jim
  7. sws1213

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    It worked with the block of wood. Thanks for the info!
  8. burnsy

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    Much obliged for taking another crack at explaining... I'm working out of town now but will try again and post when I get back home.

    Thanks Again!
  9. burnsy

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    Finally got back to fixing this... After a couple of tries I finally got it using a vise!

    Appreciate everyone's help!
  10. misako50

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    Hey burnsy- Now you've gone and done it! You get to explain it to the next two members that take the bolt down and can't put it back[​IMG]-Misako
  11. Don Sako

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    Bolt disassembly/assembly tool

    I realize that this post is more than a year after the last posting but I wanted to contribute to the resources of the group since I have found information about a tool that has not been discussed in the forum.

    As a newbie I followed the siren song of the L61R owner's manual and decided to disassemble the bolt of my new queen safe rifle before taking it to the range.

    While I was able to muscle everything apart and into place using wood etc I kept looking around for some tool since I am planning to add other Finnbears and would like to check and clean firing pins from time to time without such a struggle.

    I found a tool that makes disassembly/assembly a breeze and have tested it very successfully. The tool is the Kleinendorst Bolt Disassembly Tool Sako Open Shroud (fits L61R and other similarly designed Sakos). There is also a tool for closed shrouds which fits newer models.
  12. rowdy

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    Thank you for adding to the Forum. I'm sure that the , "Kleinendorst Bolt tool" which is available on one of the more reputable websites, will be known to some members , but may be a ray of light for others !

    Thank you,

  13. rowdy

    rowdy Moderator

    Midway by the way !
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  15. misako50

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    Doug- I need to contact Brownells Monday, so I can check there for you and post the rules for getting that to you.-Misako
  16. misako50

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    Doug- Brownells has them (specified for the Remington bolts?) 32.99----------I use a rubber jawed hobby vice and it cost 12.99 at Home Depot. Works with the similar principle and no worries about scars on the bolt. Real good for many uses other than just one. If you google the tool you will come up with "Brunos" They have the two for the Sakos and will ship to Canada.-Misako
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