Bofors steel barrels

Discussion in 'Sako triggers, mounts and peep sights etc.' started by lredmon, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. lredmon

    lredmon New Member

    When did SAKO stop marking their barrels with "Bofors Steel"?


  2. deergoose

    deergoose Active Member

    In general, about 1968. But just about anything is possible with the configurations of our rifles.

  3. lredmon

    lredmon New Member

    Thanks are a great source of information regarding these SAKOs.

  4. Guest

    Guest Banned

    I have a Sako Finnbear sn# 23770 that I bought that has no caliber markings on it. The rifle has a fiberglass stock and a parkerized action and barrel. could you tell me the caliber and date manufactured? It is also a L461R action. Thanks Ted
  5. Guest

    Guest Banned

    What is the big deal about Bofors barrels?
    I know of Bofors history and their big guns.
    Are the vintage Sakos with them really any better than the post 71s?

  6. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    I, personally, like them all. I have just had much more experience with bofors marked sakos and tikkas. All of them make an average shot (ME) a marksman. Not bad for barrels that don't need a lot of TLC. The overall workmanship on these rifles gains my respect the most. Aside from the bofors marking. Regards, Mike
  7. Guest

    Guest Banned

    Thanks, Mike.
    I agree with your points. I just happen to have a 270 and 243 with Bofors barrels. Finnbear is a gift from my uncle who bought it in new in 1962. It is a true tack driver and in near mint condition, so I baby it.

    The 243 has seen a bit more use and has redfield rings on it and a timney trigger. As a purist, I want to install period Sako rings and an original Sako trigger (where to find?).

    What do you think?

    PS: also would like to round out the battery with a Bofors 223.

  8. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    Tvatva1-There is always e-bay . Med. rings about 45 to 50 . High rings usually over 90. Triggers I've seen alot and know that the prices get ridiculous . I am currently bying some parts from a contact in Texas and he has some Sako rings for fair prices. Let me know what you need and I'll see if I can help or put you in touch with him.Regards, Mike
  9. Guest

    Guest Banned

    Thanks, again, Mike.
    The pre-72 243 has a period 4x12 Burris which appears servicable. Objective size does not appear larger than usual.
    I have a set of high rings which look like they may be too high for this application- do you think mediums would work?
    Are low rings too low for a 4x12 or 3x9?

  10. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    Andy- Rob just said a mouthful on the bolt clearance. I haven't had a problem yet but I can see the possibilities with some of the high end scopes. Your older burris should be fine with med. sako rings. Measure your objectives. You need to not be over 1 7/8" to use the med. I can't tell you about anything other than an L579 or A11 since I don't have any at this time. Regards, Mike
  11. Guest

    Guest Banned

    Thanks Rob and Mike.
    Will measure.
    Please let me know if any of you come across original trigger for the forester - or was the trigger same for all action sizes?

  12. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    Andy- Look at the for sale or trade section of the message forums. Sakobear has what you need-Mike

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