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Bix'n Andy Trigger for Sako Rifles

Discussion in 'General Sako Discussions' started by South Pender, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. South Pender

    South Pender Well-Known Member

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    CA British Columbia
    The reputed-to-be-marvelous Bix'n Andy trigger is now available for the Sako Quad, Sako 75-series, and Tikka T3 rifles. I've been hoping we'd see one for the L- and A-series Sakos as well. In addition, however, Bix'n Andy developed one of their triggers for Mauser '98 actions. So here's my question: How different is the Sako #4 trigger--found on the L- and A-series rifles--from a standard Mauser Trigger? By this I mean dimensionally. If they're close, it might be possible to adapt a Bix'n Andy Mauser trigger to a Sako L- or A-series action.

    For those who haven't heard of the Bix'n Andy triggers, they have taken the shooting world by storm--particularly among the precision shooters. They are very expensive, but those who've worked with them have universally rated them the hands-down best triggers they've ever experienced--including claiming a noticeable improvement over even the great Jewell trigger.

    My hope is that I can at some point get one installed on a couple of A-series Sakos.


  2. gowyo

    gowyo Sako Junkie

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    US Wyoming
    Good luck on your project. I'll live vicariously thru you and cheer you from afar. I just bought a NOS Canjar and don't know (more like, can't commit) which gun to put it in. AV 7 mag needs it, but I don't shoot it very often. I'd like to try it in my varmint cals, but I'm happy with them. I guess I'll buy an Electronic trigger gauge and be scientific about it.

    Back on topic, from what I've read B$A triggers are all that and a bag of chips.

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