Best bullet weight for .270 finbear

Discussion in 'Handloads for all Sako models' started by amworldtraveller, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. amworldtraveller

    amworldtraveller New Member

    Hi all,

    Question, what would be the best bullet weight for a L61R .270 with a 1 in 14 twist rate.

    I am using factory ammo now, so I know I will be limmited to just a few weights. But it would be good to know for when I start reloading.
  2. gspsmoke4

    gspsmoke4 New Member

    1 in 10 is the Norm for rifles of .270 cal. A 1 in 14 twist would be best suited for lighter bullets. Below is a simple calculation method.
    TWIST= 150 X D2/L

    D=Bullet Dia. In inches
    L=Bullet length in inches
    150 is a constant
  3. gspsmoke4

    gspsmoke4 New Member

    I may have misled you. I was not thinking of the fact that SAKO twist rates are going to be Metric. The formula will still work.
  4. amworldtraveller

    amworldtraveller New Member

    Hi gspsmoke4, thanks for the formlua. I may have got the twist wrong, as I was doing it at home with a patch and rod. From what I can see on the sako web site 1 -10 is the norm.

    Some have said a heavy grain bullet at a modrate pressure works best.... But it differs from gun to gun.


  5. gspsmoke4

    gspsmoke4 New Member

    Just checked my SAKO AV in 270 Win. and the twist rate falls between 1:9 and 1:10 . In all the 270's I and my brother have owned a good starting point that has proven both accurate and effective on deer sized game is ::
    150gr Nosler Partition in front of 51gr of 4350 . This load seems to have a preference for CCI 250 mag primers. My brother has taken a lot of deer with this load . I have not tried the 160 gr weight yet, but my 270 does not like the 130 grs . Not many choices for this caliber so it is not too expensive to experiment.
    Good Luck and have fun.

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