Any clues on this barrel stamp on an L57.

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  1. kj60

    kj60 New Member

    This is an L57 in 243 serial 2xxx, probably with a non Sako barrel. Can anyone confirm that it really is a non-original barrel before I pull it off and replace it with a 308. Has these markings - which seem like 'WMo' or something like that, a brand name? someones initials? any clues would be helpful. No Sako stamp anywhere on it, no other markings beside cal. 243.

    also anyone any idea if going from 243 to 308 is going to require a recoil lug cross bolt? and if so where does one get them?

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  2. eddsako

    eddsako Banned

    period aftermarket barrel.
  3. L-46

    L-46 Member

    It could be a barrel by Bill Marden.
    I had a 243 with a similar marking,
  4. wombat

    wombat Member

    I have a .220 swift re barrelled rifle with these markings and I have confirmed that it was gunsmithed by Bill Marden, and I was told that at the time it was Douglas chrome moly barrels that he used.
  5. susanna

    susanna Member

    bill marden senior sighned his work like this. he used a lot of douglas barrels, not many in stainless in those days. still have a couple in the safe. susanna
  6. L-46

    L-46 Member

    My barrel is on a single shot L579 action with over chunky varmint stock. The barrel is in stainless and it is my 'go to' rifle on a windy night.
    I have shot some .3's with it, even though it was used when i bought the rifle.
    If you have not shot the rifle, i would do so before pulling the barrel, unless of course you want a .308

    susanna, can you tell us a bit more about Bill senior, i have heard that he did good work, but not much more than that.

  7. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    Although you may very well choose to keep your barrel as is, if changing to a .308 no crossbolt is required so long as the lug is properly bedded tightly against the surrounding wood.
  8. bsmith

    bsmith Member

    Re the crossbolt, the L57 .308's did not have one, nor did some of the first L579 .308's.
  9. kj60

    kj60 New Member

    Thanks everyone for solving that question, and the cross bolt issue. Barrel appears to have a 1 in 9 & 1/4 twist and still shoots 100 grainers very respectably. Its not that the barrel is not useful, just been waiting seemingly forever for an L57 in 308 to come up for sale in Australia. This rifle has a nice slim forearm, more so than the L579's I've seen. Is it normal for the L57's to have a slimmer and trimmer stock compared to the L579's?.
  10. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    The earlier L579's, up through about 1967 (very much more or less on the date), used a stock contour and barrel contour about like the L57. Later ones (along with all Sakos) used a slightly beefier stock and barrel contour.
  11. kj60

    kj60 New Member

    Thanks stonecreek, thats very useful info.

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