300 Holland and Holland Handloads for L61r

Discussion in 'Handloads for all Sako models' started by Saguaro, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Fine, I got it. As I mention before I have previous experience with over a thousand reloads in .308 Win and other smaller cases but this 300H&H case opens a new perspective of handloading to me.

    To begin with, its very surprising, at least to me, that apparently I'm getting more velocity with less powder and less recoil than with the 300 Win Mag.

    To-day I tested a Frontier 185 FN in 300H&H seated very deep into the case with COL only 81.5mm
    185 g with 64 g of N-160 and got------- 864 mps /2834 fps

    According to Vihta page, in 300 Win Mag:
    185 g Mega RN --- with Max charge of 70,7 g of N-160 ----859 mps /2818 fps

    Does the 300 H&H gives more than the 300 Win Mag for less powder and recoil ? 0r is my Chrony seduced by the beauty of the rifle cartridge combo and exaggerating the velocities ?

    The primer shows a more prominent crater however bolt extraction wasn't harder, recoil moderated , on the other hand..... I have found with a magnified glass a few tiny shaves of brass getting into the ejector and extractor cavities

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    The slightly larger case of the .300 Win over the .300 H&H allows a bit higher velocity (with more powder) when both have reached the same pressures. The H&H version will yield similar velocities with a bit less powder, but pressures will be marginally higher. It is only when the optimum powder is used at the optimum pressure that the larger case provides higher velocities than the smaller case.

    Also, barrel and chamber features vary enough that a "fast barreled" .300 H&H will be faster than a "slow barreled" .300 Win Mag. It is only on average that the larger case provides more velocity. Any of the .30 caliber "Magnums" -- .300 WSM, .308 Norma, .300 H&H, .300 Win, .300 WBY -- will be within 100 fps or so of each other with most bullets when the averages are done. (However, the smaller WSM does so with a thick and hard case head to allow somewhat higher pressures.)
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