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.264 Win Mag twist rate

Discussion in 'Sako Long/Magnum Actions' started by sraaw, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. sraaw

    sraaw Well-Known Member

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    AU Queensland
    Hi all,
    I have finally gotten organised and had a chance to shoot the rifle. I used my Hornady Lock n Load bullet comparator to seat 143gn Hornady ELD-X projectiles just off the lands. This produced an OAL of 86.0mm with these long spitzer projectiles, which is well short of what can function through the rifles Mag box. This oal sees the base of the projectile positioned 2-3mm back into the body of the cartridge behind the turn of the shoulder. Based on my measurements Stonecreek, I recon the throat could be extended by 5mm or so!

    Anyway I loaded some new brass with 62gn of AR2225, behind the 143gn ELD Xs, which produced an average of 2904 fps over 10 rounds fired. Unfortunately I was unable to group as the old Kahles 6x would not focus at all when I got setup on the bench to bore sight. Will need to sort something else out for next trip the the range, (obviously a 6x wouldn't necessarily bring out her best anyway).

    I have added some pics here as previously promised. The rifle is in quite good shape for its age, especially for an Aussie import, and the timber has better grain than I expected for a Std model.

    20180211_133530.jpg 20180211_133552.jpg 20180211_133628.jpg 20180211_134213.jpg 20180211_134117.jpg
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  2. wombat

    wombat Well-Known Member

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    AU Victoria
    Hi Sraaw, Just looking at the pics of that "beauty" you picked up..... I have a L61R in .270W. Shoots great with 130gn projectiles. Have taken a few Sambar with it.
    I am sure the .264WM would be a great long range game getter for you.
    With s/n 91xxx with pin on side of bolt, (post '74 ) the butt stock wood on my .270W is almost a twin to your .264WM!! Same gloss finish.

    Keep us posted on how it shoots, but I think we know!!
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